The Rules

No animals will be permitted inside the park except for service animals with proper paperwork. No one under 21 will be permitted inside the park. We'll begin checking IDs at 11:00am.

Drink Responsibly and Stay Safe

Before you go to the festival, make sure to arrange for a safe ride back home! Taxi cabs will be present at the park to pick you up. Additionally, transportation will be provided to and from downtown Santa Barbara. Read more about your transportation options here and get directions here.

About the annual Santa Barbara Beer Festival

Managed by a committee from the Santa Barbara Rugby Association, the Santa Barbara Beer Festival's goals are simple: to help promote two local nonprofits and have a lot of fun while doing so.

Please join us at this year's Beer Festival, when the fields at Elings Park will be transformed into Santa Barbara's oldest beer festival featuring the best microbrews from the central and west coast. For the cost of your ticket, you'll get a glass and an awesome afternoon of beer tasting. We look forward to seeing you there!

About Elings Park

Located in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, Elings Park is a 230-acre private, non-profit park boasting incredible views of the city and ocean. From weddings and special events to sports and recreation, Elings offers a variety of activities guaranteed to create enjoyable days for all.

About the Santa Barbara Rugby Association (SBRA)

The Santa Barbara Rugby Association (SBRA) was formed on July 19th, 2002, by members of the Grunion Rugby Football Club, Westmont College Rugby Club, and UCSB Rugby Club. The goal was to create a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) that would be able to promote Santa Barbara rugby from a unified front. The primary purpose of this corporation is the promotion of amateur rugby competition in, but not limited to, the Santa Barbara area. Since its formation, the Association has expanded to include Fossils Old Boys Rugby, Stingray Youth Rugby, Santa Barbara Rugby Academy, and Mermaids Women's Club.